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MAC Hires New Leader As DOJ Inquiry Continues

MADRAS, OR -- The Madras Aquatic Center Recreation District has a new leader, known for his high energy and wealth of experience in helping organizations renew and maintain their strategic goals. James Weyermann was officially named Executive Director at Tuesday's meeting of the MAC Board.


An interim Executive Director has led the district since Joe McHaney was fired in June. Board Chair Jinnell Lewis says Weyermann takes over immediately, "He's real excited to get going. It happens to be that our interim Director, Gary Barth, was just finishing up his three months next week, so Jim offered to start right away." She tells KBND News, "He seems like a really big go-getter, who moves into places and accomplishes a lot, Sets goals and makes them happen everywhere he has been in the past, so we're hoping he can do that here, too."


Lewis says operations at the pool and around the district have continued uninterrupted through the transition, but everyone is ready to move into a new chapter, "He definitely brings a lot of energy and enthusiasm, which we're really looking forward to. he has just a tremendous amount of experience in a lot of different things." Weyermann is most recently of California, having worked for the Golden State Warriors, but Lewis says he's also built stadiums, worked for city mayors, and overhauled children's programs, "He has a pretty broad range of things that he's done, working with different organizations, and so we're hoping to bring all that experience in and really move things forward with our recreation district."


Lewis would not comment on the ongoing investigation by Oregon's Department of Justice into the former Executive Director, nor would she confirm rumors he was fired over alleged financial improprieties. However, she hopes the DOJ inquiry will wrap up by the end of the month. 

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