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Culver Voters To Decide Marijuana Measure

CULVER, OR -- Culver voters will decide in November, whether to lift the ban on marijuana dispensaries inside city limits. The City Council supports continuing the current moratorium on pot businesses, as does Jefferson County Sheriff Jim Adkins. But, Mayor Nancy Diaz says, "It's totally up to the voters."


However, even if voters do agree allowing the industry into the city, Mayor Diaz says, "Someone would have to find a place where it would fit, and off the top of my head and without a map in front of me, I can't think of a place."  That's because there is only roughly one square mile for the small city to work with, and state regulations prohibit pot shops in certain areas, "In order to put a dispensary in Culver, and nothing in the residential area, is going to be very difficult to find a place that one will fit." And, there's the issue of schools, "We have the school district inside the city limits, and as you know, there can be nothing within, I believe, it's 1,000' of a school."

A "yes" vote on Measure 16-90 would keep pot businesses out of Culver. A "no" vote would lift the current ban and allow them to open in areas permitted by state law. Mayor Diaz tells KBND News, "If [voters] say, 'Let's have pot in Culver,' then that's going to happen, if someone can find a spot where it will fit. If they say, 'No, we don't want it,' then that's what's going to happen."


Culver is one of two local cities to consider lifting its ban on legal pot businesses. Sisters voters will decide a similar issue. For more coverage of the November election, click HERE

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