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REDMOND, OR -- A Redmond man, arrested in Sam Johnson Park, has fewer charges, thanks to the Deschutes County District Attorney. 25-year-old Darian Belles was involved in an altercation with Police where officers alleged he tried to take and use their Taser. He was punched twice in the head and restrained. DA John Hummel says he and his office investigated, interviewing witnesses and watching all the footage of the incident, and decided to drop 5 of the 7 charges lodged against Belles. "In this case, after reviewing the evidence, we determined we believe the suspect has committed 2 crimes, so we've charged him with 2 crimes, Resisting Arrest, and Interfering with a Peace Officer."

The Redmond Police Department has already been cleared this month on allegations of using excessive force. The other incident also included Officer Bryan Holman. Hummel says his office is investigating this incident to determine whether the RPD Officers' use of force against Belles was justified. "He was punched in the face, that's not in dispute. There's video of it. So the question, separate from the guilt or innocence of this suspect and his Resisting Arrest charge is, was it appropriate for the officer to use force, and that's what we'll decide."

Hummel says these cases take careful investigation, because of the circumstances that often surround an arrest. "Police officers have to make decisions in the heat of the moment when there's often many people around and it's a chaotic situation and they have to make quick decisions."


The DA's office is expecting to have their investigation completed by mid-September.


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