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Bend City Council Recognizes One-Year Anniversary Of Deadly Shooting

BEND, OR -- It's been one year since a shooting inside a Bend grocery store claimed the lives of a customer and produce workerAt a recent City Council meeting, Councilor Anthony Broadman recognized the two men gunned down that Sunday evening, "We continue to mourn the loss of the victims: Glenn Edward Bennett and Donal Ray Surrett, Jr. We also know that our community lost its sense of safety on that tragic evening, last summer. Suddenly, going to the grocery store was a frightening experience." The shooter took his own life as police entered the store. Safeway closed for more than two weeks following the shooting. Bend Police closed their investigation in December. 

"We appreciate how community members supported each other in the shocking days that followed the shooting. And we thank the locals who made an effort to support the store when it reopened," said Broadman, "We continue to support our police department through funding for training and technology that ensure they’ll be able to respond to incidents like these in the best ways possible."

He also noted the 2021 shooting of Barry Washington, and the death of Taylor Wyss earlier this month, "Both of these men were killed by someone who brought a gun to downtown. These deaths were and are incredibly impactful to our community." He called for community action to end gun violence, "We, the Bend City Council, support more responsible gun ownership regulations, such as Measure 114, which expands background checks and training to purchase firearms, and limits on magazine size. We pledge to you to continue to advocate for policies needed to end the epidemic of shootings, so that everyone can feel safe in our community."

Mayor Melanie Kebler praised a recent "Guns to Gardens" event, "That was where you could bring unwanted firearms, and they would disable them, cut them apart and turn them into gardening tools. And they reported to me that they dismantled a total of 73 firearms from this one event."

Deschutes County Behavioral Health offers 24/7 services at the Crisis Stabilization Center, for anyone struggling with the anniversary. Clinicians are available by phone or in-person. 

Photo: A makeshift memorial is seen outside the Bend Safeway store in the days following the Aug. 28, 2022 deadly shooting. 

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