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Bend Man Convicted In Double Murder Case

BEND, OR -- A Bend man convicted of killing his two roommates in 2021 now awaits trial for another murder. Randall Kilby was found guilty by a jury earlier this week, for the murders of Jeffrey Taylor and his brother Benjamin. Kilby is also accused of causing the death of Daphne Banks, but that case is on hold, "We recently had a ruling from the court suppressing his statements to the police, regarding that incident," says Deschutes County District Attorney Steve Gunnels, "So, we’re examining what our next steps are legally; whether we file an appeal, which is likely, or potentially go ahead with the trial with the evidence as it is, without his statements to police." Banks was assaulted on Christmas Day 2020 and later died.

Gunnels says the case against Kilby for the Taylor murders went to the jury much faster than he expected, partly because the defense presented no witnesses, "We expected it to be a two-week trial, and it ended up being a seven-day trial." He tells KBND News the prosecution’s case was strong and there weren’t any big surprises, "We knew that we were going to present enough evidence and the jury listened very carefully. They deliberated for six hours and came up with what I believe is the correct verdict."

The two men were killed with a hatchet inside the home they shared with Kilby and his mother, in March 2021. Gunnels admits prosecutors had a tough job presenting such a gruesome crime to the jury, "Because we have to present the evidence, including all of the photographs and the forensic evidence. And I know that it’s very difficult for family members to hear that and to see some of that evidence in the courtroom."

Kilby’s sentencing has not been scheduled. 

Image: Randall Kilby, following his 2021 arrest.

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