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Sentencing Continues Today For Jeremy Christian

(Portland, OR)  --  Sentencing continues today for the man convicted of stabbing three people on a MAX train in 2017, killing two of them.   Jeremy Christian was escorted out of the courtroom during the first day of sentencing yesterday after he started screaming at a woman giving her impact statement.  Demetria Hester had just finished speaking about being assaulted by Christian the day before the stabbings when Christian stood up and started yelling.  KATU-2 reports Christian ripped off his mask and yelled profanities at Hester before telling her he should have killed her while he had the chance.  Christian was convicted earlier this year of stabbing Taliesin Namkai-Meche [[ Tal-EE-shin NOMM-kai MAY-chay ]] and Ricky Best to death and injuring Micah Fletcher on a MAX train in 2017 after they stood up for two black teenage girls whom Christian was verbally assaulting.

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