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(Gates, OR) -- The City of Gates is allowing the former site of a motel to be used for a tiny home village. It'll be build by Marion County and will house victims of the 2020 wildfires that were left homeless. They'll be able to live there for three to five years starting this summer. Services will be provided to help them find permanent housing.

(Keizer, OR) -- One woman is dead after an alleged drunk driver crashed into her home in Keizer and struck her. Police say 41-year-old Andrew Modine was on Lockhaven Drive Northeast Saturday morning when he lost control and crashed into landscaping and a utility pole before careening into the house, hitting 67-year-old Moira Hughes. She died at the scene. Police say 63-year-old George Heitz was also inside the home and was hospitalized with serious injuries. Modine is charged with Manslaughter.

(Portland, OR) -- Some Portland Public Schools that returned to remote learning because of the spike in COVID-19 cases are returning to in-person classes. Those schools include Alliance High School at Meek, Faubion KP through 8, Franklin High, Ockley Green Middle School and Roosevelt High. Alliance High School at Kenton returns in-person tomorrow. George, Harriet Tubman and Kellogg Middle Schools will extend distance learning through February 1st. Since early January, 86-percent of Portland Public Schools have remained in-person.

(Portland, OR) -- Northwest Bridge Avenue at the St. Johns Bridge will remain closed for eight to ten weeks because of a landslide. The road has been closed since January 5th when the slide happened. The hillside is still moving, which has caused the road to remain closed. ODOT is planning repairs that'll require removing vegetation and installing a wire mesh system to prevent future slides. It could be early April before Bridge Avenue reopens.

(Portland, OR) -- Masks were burned in front of the Oregon Health Authority building in Portland as the agency took testimony on a proposal to make the indoor mask requirement permanent. Under Oregon law, OHA can't make another temporary extension of the rule. If it's made permanent, the rule would be repealed when COVID-19 cases decline. Most people testified in opposition of the extension with many people saying they can't trust the agency to eliminate the rule.

(Corvallis, OR) -- New research out of Oregon State University shows drinking alcohol can make people care less about unpredictable things. Daniel Bradford at OSU says it can make drivers more likely to get in a crash after drinking alcohol. If they're surprised by something, like another driver or person doing an unexpected thing, they might not react in time to avoid a crash. For people who drink a lot, their reactions can be reduced significantly.

(Portland, OR) -- Oregon hospitals say they're facing a crisis because of the latest COVID-19 surge in cases. The Oregon Association of Hospitals says they're facing staff shortages and illnesses along with problems discharging patients to other care facilities where they can recover. It's resulting in a shortage of hospital beds. The Governor has sent 12-hundred National Guard members to help, but hospital administrators say they need more support.

(Salem, OR) -- Oregon's unemployment rate declined from four-point-two percent in November to four-point-one percent in December. Oregon Employment Department Economist Gail Krumenauer says all sectors added jobs. Oregon added 103-thousand jobs in 2021. The state's unemployment rate in December was higher than the national rate of three-point-nine percent. Leisure and hospitality still has more than 23-thousand jobs to recover before it returns to pre-pandemic levels.

(Knappa, OR) -- Authorities say an Oregon State Police Fish and Wildlife trooper rescued an elk calf that was stuck in a ditch yesterday. A property owner near Knappa, Oregon called police after finding the calf upside down in the ditch and unable to get out on its own. It appeared to have been there at least 12 hours. The trooper got into the ditch behind the calf's head and lifted it up, so it could get out. The calf appeared unhurt and it ran off into the woods.

(Portland, OR) -- Oregon has 10-thousand-34 new infections of COVID-19 and eight new deaths. The Oregon Health Authority reported the new numbers yesterday. Hospitalizations are up by 60 patients to 981. There have been five-thousand-916 deaths and 559-thousand-960 cases of COVID-19 since the pandemic began.

(Salem, OR) -- The State of Oregon is warning investors about cryptocurrencies and nonfungible tokens. The Oregon Department of Consumer and Business Services says they are highly volatile and often unregulated. They advise investors to research what they're purchasing, use a licensed digital currency exchange, and don't spend money that you can't afford to lose.

(Salem, OR) -- Governor Kate Brown is facing a lawsuit over her early release of convicted felons. The lawsuit was filed by the group Common Sense for Oregon, which includes two district attorneys and four crime victims who are directly affected by the Governor's clemency decisions. The lawsuit claims the Governor's actions violate the state's clemency law. The Governor has given clemency to some convicts, because of a change the Legislature made in sentencing for juveniles which isn't retroactive.

(Portland, OR) -- Oregon has 15 new deaths related to COVID-19 and eight-thousand-538 new infections. The Oregon Health Authority reported the new numbers yesterday. There are 921 people hospitalized with the virus statewide, which is ten more than on Tuesday. The state's hospital ICU capacity is seven percent, or 47 beds. There have been five-thousand-908 deaths and 549-thousand-942 cases of COVID-19 in Oregon since the pandemic began.

(Hood River, OR) -- An armed burglary suspect is behind bars following an hours-long standoff with police at a motel in Hood River. Police say the 26-year-old man barricaded himself inside a motel room at the Lone Pine Motel around 3 o'clock yesterday afternoon and claimed he was armed with a knife. The suspect eventually emerged from the motel around 6:45 and was taken into custody. Police say he was wanted in connection to a recent burglary.

(Salem, OR) -- Officials say there are more job openings than job seekers in Oregon. The Oregon Employment Department reports a near record 103-thousand job openings in the last quarter of 2021. That drove the average starting wage up 14-percent to 21-dollars an hour. There were seven unemployed people for every 10 job openings.

(Portland, OR) -- The Portland Public School District is issuing Chromebooks to all students between 3rd and 12th grades to make sure every family is prepared in the event a school returns to distance learning. It can happen on short notice. The school district says it will allow them to get ahead of the transitions. They're encouraging students to test the Chromebooks to make sure they're ready if they have to use remote learning.

(Eugene, OR) -- Eugene Police are releasing new information about the six victims of Friday night's shooting outside of Wow Hall during a hip-hop concert. Four of the people were from Pendleton, one person was from San Francisco, and one victim was from Eugene. They're all in stable condition or have been released from the hospital. The suspect was only described as a person wearing a hoodie. Police are asking for anyone with video or photos of the incident to contact them, so they can get a better description of the suspect.

(Portland, OR) -- Oregon has over 28-thousand new coronavirus cases. The Oregon Health Authority reported 28-thousand-37 new cases of COVID-19 yesterday from Friday through Monday. New numbers weren't reported Monday because of the holiday. There was an average of seven-thousand new daily cases over the four-day period. The health authority also reported ten new deaths. A total of 911 people are hospitalized with COVID-19 statewide, which is 51 more than on Monday.

(Newberg, OR) -- The two members of the Newberg School Board who faced a recall election Tuesday appear to be surviving the vote. The recalls of Board Chair Dave Brown and Vice Chair Brian Shannon are both failing as of 10 o'clock last night. The recalls were launched because both board members supported a ban on political signs in classrooms, including for Black Lives Matter and LGBTQ rights. Results will continue to be counted for the next several days as more ballots are returned in the mail.

(Salem, OR)  --  Another 700 Oregon National Guard members are arriving at hospitals around the state to help with the surge in patients from the Omicron variant of COVID-19.  They join 500 service members who arrived at hospitals last week.  Their duties will include disinfecting rooms for new patients, food service, greeting visitors at entrances, and moving patients in hospitals. 

(Portland, OR) -- The Portland Public School District says Jefferson High School will return to in-person instruction on Monday. The school has been closed, due to a surge in COVID-19 cases with students learning remotely. The school district has been making decisions on a school-by-school basis, depending on the impact of the Omicron variant.

(Portland, OR) -- The eighth annual March for Human Rights and Dignity was held on Martin Luther King Junior Day in Portland. It's organized by Don't Shoot PDX. They say it's a reminder to live by King's words and his legacy, and that he died as a result of gun violence. They also collected clothes, shoes, tents and other necessities for people who are homeless.

(Portland, OR) -- The Oregon Health Authority wants to know when at-home COVID-19 tests results are positive. OHA has created a website where you can report the results. It'll give health officials a better idea of how widespread COVID-19 is in the community. People who report test results on the website or telephone hotline can also get information on isolation and quarantine. The hotline is 866-917-8881.

(Portland, OR) -- A group of nearly 40 nurses in the Portland Public School District are voicing concerns regarding COVID-19 protocols in the classrooms. The nurses issued a letter to district administrators yesterday. They say out-of-date tests are being used, students need to be provided with KN-95 masks, and many schools need better air filtration. They are also concerned contact tracing isn't as effective as it could be. The school district has said the precautions being taken will reduce the risk that the virus will spread.

(Portland, OR) -- Blood Bank Vitalant is seeking donations in Oregon as it struggles with a nationwide shortage of blood. Blood drives have been canceled across the Pacific Northwest because of the pandemic. Officials say winter weather has also reduced donations. Vitalant is asking previous donors and new donors to make appointments to give blood.


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