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Homeless Camp Fire Injures One

(Hazel Dell, WA)  --  An investigation is ongoing into a fire in a homeless camp in Hazel Dell that threatened to spread to nearby trees.  Clark County Fire District 6 responded to the fire yesterday morning near the BPA's Ross Complex between Highway 99 and I-5.  Crews were able to stop the fire. One person suffered non-life threatening injuries.

Gas Prices Decline Slightly

(Portland, OR)  --  Gas prices are slowly dropping ahead of the Independence Day holiday weekend.  Triple-A says the national average fell nine cents to four-88 a gallon.  Oregon's average declined three cents to five-50 a gallon.  The price of crude oil fell which caused gas prices to go down.  Diesel in Oregon increased 15 cents a gallon over the last week reaching a new record high six-47 a gallon.

$50,000 Reward Offered In Marion County Murder

(Salem, OR)  --  Family and friends of Travis Juetten are offering a 50-thousand dollar reward for information that leads to his killer.  On August 13, 2021 Juetten and his wife Jamilyn were stabbed several times inside of their home on Howell Prairie Road, west of Silverton.  Travis died at the scene.  Jamilyn was hospitalized and survived her injuries.  The Marion County Sheriff's Office is investigating the case and hasn't arrested a suspect.  The 50-thousand dollar reward is offered for the arrest and conviction of a suspect.

Wheeler Announces Safer Summer PDX

(Portland, OR)  --  Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler is unveiling a new initiative to fight the rise in gun violence that normally occurs during the summer.  It's called Safer Summer PDX.  He's hired three experts to coordinate the effort.  They are a counter-violence expert, a communications coordinator and a community liaison.  They'll work with the Police Bureau's Focused Intervention Team and the Enhanced Community Safety Team along with community groups to reduce instances of violence.

One Killed In Vancouver Plane Crash

(Vancouver, WA)  --  The NTSB and the FAA are investigating a small plane crash at Pearson Field in Vancouver that killed one person.  The crash happened in the middle of the runway yesterday morning when a small plane crashed onto its top and caught fire.  The pilot was the only person on board.  The name of the person who was killed hasn't been released.

Governor Announces Program To Close Equity Gaps For Eastern Oregon Students

(Salem, OR)  --  Governor Kate Brown is unveiling what she's calling a Moon Shot for Equity Initiative to help Eastern Oregon college students.  Brown announced yesterday she's allocating one-point-six million dollars from her emergency education relief fund for the five-year project.  Eastern Oregon University, Treasure Valley Community College, and Blue Mountain Community College will work with national experts to use research, technology and advisory services to close equity gaps for students.

Pedestrians Hurt In Crash

(Battle Ground, WA)  --  Police say three people walking along Lucia Falls Road in rural Clark County were injured when they were hit by a car Sunday afternoon.  The Clark County Sheriff's Office says the driver of a Chevrolet Blazer went off the road and hit the pedestrians.  Several drivers stopped to provide medical help until first responders arrived.  Impairment wasn't a factor in the crash.  Two people were hospitalized in critical condition.

Suspect In Attack On Elderly Men Arraigned

(Portland, OR)  --  A suspect arrested in connection to the brutal attack of two elderly men in Southwest Portland is being arraigned on charges of attempted murder and assault.  Court records show 29-year-old Keffer White was arraigned in court yesterday.  Police arrested White Saturday night near Southwest 5th and Hall Street, where the attack happened.  Witnesses say White approached the men and tried to talk with them.  When they didn't respond, witnesses say he yelled at them and made fun of them for being elderly.  He then allegedly attacked them physically and punched and kicked the men after they were on the ground.  Police say 88-year-old Edward Lichenstein and 83-year-old Donald Pierce are both hospitalized in critical condition.

OSU ROTC Cadet Killed In Training Accident In Idaho

(Mountain Home, ID)  --  An Oregon State University Air Force ROTC cadet is dead following a training accident in Idaho.  East Idaho News reports 19-year-old Mackenzie Wilson was killed Friday afternoon during an accident involving a HUMVEE at Mountain Home Air Force Base.  Wilson was one of 19 cadets taking part in an immersive professional development training program called Operation Air Force.  An investigation into the accident is underway.

Police Investigate Suspicious Death In Tigard

(Tigard, OR)  --  Tigard Police are investigating a suspicious death that happened Sunday afternoon on Hall Boulevard near Garden Place.  Officers found a man who was deceased and the cause of death was suspicious.  Investigators talked with witnesses and they interviewed a person of interest, but haven't said whether the person was arrested.

Wyden, Mayors Oppose LIV Golf Tournament

PORTLAND, OR -- LIV Golf, competing with the PGA for golf fans, opens its U.S. series of tournaments in Oregon this week. But the event at Pumpkin Ridge is drawing a lot of local opposition.

U.S. Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR) says a Saudi man is responsible for killing an Oregon teen in a 2016 hit and run. His government then allegedly helped him get an illegal passport and he fled the country, avoiding prosecution. Wyden says that same Saudi government is backing LIV Golf. Its first U.S. tournament starts Thursday west of Portland. "When U.S. sports institutions partner with these governments, they are, in effect, allies in these cover-ups and selling out integrity for profits," Wyden said at a recent press conference with four area mayors.

Eleven Washington County mayors signed a letter opposing the tournament at Pumpkin Ridge in North Plains. Beaverton Mayor Lacey Beaty says, "Not all money is welcome in our community. We want our community to know we have no political power to stop this. So, we’re partnering with other levels of government to speak our outrage in public." Because Pumpkin Ridge is a private company, the mayors say they were unable to prevent the tournament from coming here. 

Beatty says because Mayors come from different political backgrounds, they don’t often speak with one voice, "This is not a political issue. This is an issue of safety; this is an issue of an unwelcome tournament coming into our own backyard. Because, if something goes wrong, it’s all of our police departments that are going to be expected to respond on a holiday weekend."

They point to Saudi Arabia’s human rights violations and referred to the tournament as “blood money” for their region.

OSU ROTC Cadet Killed In Training Accident In Idaho


(Mountain Home, ID) -- An Oregon State University Air Force ROTC cadet is dead following a training accident in Idaho. East Idaho News reports 19-year-old Mackenzie Wilson was killed Friday afternoon during an accident involving a HUMVEE at Mountain Home Air Force Base. Wilson was one of 19 cadets taking part in an immersive professional development training program called Operation Air Force. An investigation into the accident is underway.

Climber Rescued

(Timberline Lodge, OR) -- A 31-year-old woman was seriously hurt on Friday when she fell climbing Mt. Hood. The accident happened in the Old Chute area of the mountain. A doctor who was also climbing the mountain started first aid. The Clackamas County Sheriff's Office coordinated the rescue. An Oregon Army National Guard helicopter crew lifted the woman from the mountain and flew her to a Portland hospital where she's being treated.

Police Investigate Suspicious Death In Tigard

(Tigard, OR) -- Tigard Police are investigating a suspicious death that happened Sunday afternoon on Hall Boulevard near Garden Place. Officers found a man who was deceased and the cause of death was suspicious. Investigators talked with witnesses and they interviewed a person of interest, but haven't said whether the person was arrested.

Pets At Risk As Weather Warms

PORTLAND, OR-- This weekend’s warm weather is a welcomed shift for us humans, but our pets may not be as excited for summer.  

"People might be thinking, ‘oh my gosh. I can’t wait to get outside. I’m going to take my dog out for a long hike; it’s gonna be amazing’," says the Oregon Humane Society's Laura Klink, "But, it’s going to be kind of shocking to the system." She says our pets are not yet accustomed to the heat and they may not be ready for intense outdoor exercise.

There are also other hazards to consider, pavement can burn paws, especially later in the day, and a hot car can be deadly, "A car can heat up really quickly. Even if it feels comfortable outside, like maybe low to mid-70s, the inside of a car can quickly get over 100 degrees. And that’s even with the window cracked a little bit." Klink adds, "When in doubt, just leave your pet at home with a nice comfy bed and a chewy toy. Safest bet is to always just leave them home in the cool inside temperatures."

Signs your pet is struggling with the heat include excessive panting and lethargy.

Ag Groups Form Water Alliance Amid Ongoing Drought

PORTLAND, OR-- A new group of ag organizations hopes to tackle drought concerns threatening their livelihood and our food supply. Members of the newly formed Oregon Agricultural Water Alliance include the Oregon Farm Bureau, Oregon Cattleman’s Association, Oregon Dairy Farmers Association, Oregon Water Resources Congress and Jeff Stone’s group, the Oregon Association of Nurseries.

Stone says extreme, recurring drought threatens them all, "Since the state is so diverse, in terms of water availability versus the type of farming, we try to speak with a common voice to make sure a drought doesn’t disproportionately impact one segment of agriculture versus another." He tells KBND News, "Snowpack no longer really is our great savior for continued water supply. We have to look at rainfall and capturing that rainfall. And, there are a lot of multiple uses for water, so I think we can look and say, ‘what are things that we can do in order so there wouldn’t be a water war?’"

He hopes the new alliance will eventually impact state law and provide accountability in decision-making, "Water should be bipartisan. It should not care who the Governor is or who is in charge of the legislature."


Columbia River Flood Warning

(Portland, OR)  --  A Flood Warning continues for the Columbia River in Multnomah and Clark counties through this evening.  The river is at minor flood stage and will remain at that level until tonight, when it will being to slowly recede.  The river is expected to drop about a foot by Friday.

Willamette Cove Closure Announced

(Portland, OR)  --  Boaters will have to stay out of Willamette [[ wil-AM-eht ]] Cove through September 5th.  That's the area on the east side of the Willamette River downstream from the Burlington Northern Railroad Bridge in north Portland to North John Avenue.  Crews will be taking water, sediment, and soil samples as they develop a cleanup plan.  That area is part of the Portland Harbor Superfund Site where industries polluted the river for more than a century. 

Speed Factor In Fatal Motorcycle Crash

(Fairview, OR)  --  Police are releasing the identity of a motorcyclist who was killed in a crash in Fairview last night.  The Multnomah County Sheriff's Office says 24-year-old Maksim Mishuk was riding north on Fairview Parkway when he made a left turn toward the I-84 westbound on-ramp and collided with the SUV.  Mishuk died a the scene.  The driver of the SUV was not impaired and cooperated with the investigation.  Police say the speed of the motorcycle was a factor in the crash. 

Juvenile Charged With Attempted Murder

(Salem, OR)  --  Two juveniles are in custody after a shooting in Salem Monday afternoon left a 20-year-old person with life-threatening injuries.  Salem Police say there was dispute between a group of people at the Cherriots Transit Mall and the shooting happened in the parking lot of Columbia Bank on Center Street.  A 16-year-old boy was charged with attempted murder and a 14-year-old who was armed with a knife was charged with menacing and unlawful use of a weapon.  They were both booked into the Marion County Juvenile Detention Center.

New Lime Scooters In Portland

(Portland, OR)  --  Lime is replacing its electric scooters in Portland.  The new Gen4 e-scooters have handles that are easier to grip, a dual hand brake system, a better center of gravity, a better kickstand to keep them from falling over when parked, and a better suspension system for a smoother ride.  Since Lime launched in Portland in 2018, 400-thousand riders have taken over two million trips traveling over two-point-three million miles.

Bee Hives Placed On Roof Of Federal Buildings

(Portland, OR)  --  A new federal project has honeybees making themselves at home on the roof of the Edith Green-Wendell Wyatt Federal Building in downtown Portland.  The General Services Administration is putting honey bee hives at eleven facilities across the country as part of a yearlong pilot.  Two hives with 40-thousand bees are located at the top of the Portland federal building.  The Best Bees Company, a major beekeeping service, will maintain the hives, analyze honey production and identify the plants the bees are using.  The pollination that bees provide are vital to agriculture and food production.

Man Who Illegally Shipped Scorpions Sentenced

(Medford, OR)  --  A Eugene man who pleaded guilty for illegally shipping live scorpions to Germany has been sentenced.  Federal prosecutors say 39-year-old Darren Drake imported and exported dozens of live scorpions without licensing.  One of the boxes was labeled "chocolates."  Drake also mailed live scorpions to Michigan and Texas.  He was sentenced to two years' federal probation, 250 hours community services, and a five-thousand dollar fine.

Trail Blazers Trade

(Portland, OR)  --  The Portland Trail Blazers will apparently be getting a new player.  ESPN reports the Blazers have traded a 2025 protected first round draft pick for Detroit Piston Jeremy Grant.  Grant averaged 19 points last season and played 31 minutes a game.  The Blazers haven't confirmed the trade.  This doesn't affect the Blazers' pick in Thursday's NBA Draft.  The Blazers will pick in the seventh position.

All-Terrain Wheelchairs Available At Seaside

(Seaside, OR)  --  People with mobility challenges will be able to use all-terrain wheelchairs to enjoy the beach at Seaside on July 2nd and 3rd.  The electric wheelchairs have treads, instead of wheels, to move over the sand.  Seven of the wheelchairs will be available for free.  People need to register in advance online at davidschair dot org.


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