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Child Survives Third Floor Window Fall

(Hillsboro, OR) -- A child was not seriously injured after falling from a third-floor window in the Bethany neighborhood Wednesday afternoon. Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue reports the child climbed on a couch and fell through the screen of an open window. The child was taken to a hospital for evaluation. Firefighters warn that as temperatures get warmer, parents need to secure windows, so they don't open more than four inches. It's also important to keep beds, couches and other furniture away from windows.

Sewer Overflow Into Willamette River

(Salem, OR) -- Raw sewage flowed into the Willamette River at Salem on Wednesday. The City of Salem says a tide gate became stuck open due to solids that collected in the line and raw sewage flowed into the river at one gallon a minute, which is too slow to trigger an alarm. The problem was noticed during an inspection. 68-hundred gallons of raw sewage flowed into the river. The flow was stopped Wednesday morning.

Suspect Laughs Chasing Pedestrians With Forklift

(Portland, OR) -- A man is facing charges after allegedly stealing a forklift in downtown Portland and then laughing "maniacally" as he chased pedestrians. The suspect stole a forklift from a parking garage. A witness told police she saw him drive onto a sidewalk and then chased pedestrians while laughing and yelling "I literally stole this." No one was injured. A police officer arrived and the suspect drove toward the patrol car and stopped. Thirty-year-old Joffre Zelinski told the officer there might be a federal warrant for his arrest. He was taken into custody for burglary, theft, and driving a stolen vehicle.

School Threat Not Credible

(Vancouver, WA) -- Things are getting back to normal at a Clark County middle school following threats of violence earlier this week. The Clark County Sheriff's Office says it investigated the potential threat against Thomas Jefferson Middle School in Vancouver on Wednesday and Thursday. School officials called police after a student reported hearing another student make the threat. Deputies questioned the student and their parents. The student didn't have access to weapons, but was kept home from school on Thursday. A second student was also reported yesterday. The Sheriff's Office says neither student posed a credible threat.

Drug Dealer Sentenced

(Portland, OR) -- A Salem man will spend the next 12 years in federal prison after he was caught transporting several dozen pounds of methamphetamine. Court documents indicate that in April of 2019, 51-year-old David Contreras, also known as Jorge Castillo-Gomez, and an accomplice, were stopped for speeding on I-5 northbound near Central Point. In the car, Oregon State Police found more than 33 pounds of meth. They also seized nine-thousand dollars in cash, and a gun. Contreras pleaded guilty to a charge of possessing with intent to distribute methamphetamine and was sentenced to prison on Wednesday.

Oregon Senate Passes Oregon CHIPS Bill

(Salem, OR) -- A bill with bipartisan support has passed the Oregon Senate that would make 200-million dollars available to help businesses apply for federal CHIPS Act money. 190-million dollars would help businesses apply for the federal money and 20-million dollars would go to land acquisition and university research. The goal is to attract a semiconductor manufacturing plant. The bill would also allow the Governor to site up to eight locations outside of the Urban Growth Boundary after going through a public process. Opponents say the legislature should wait until the May revenue forecast to make sure budget cuts aren't needed. The bill moves to the House.

Wrong Way Driver Causes Crash

(Portland, OR) -- Police say a wrong-way driver in a stolen vehicle caused a crash in Northwest Portland Tuesday night. The Multnomah County Sheriff's Office says deputies stopped the SUV in a North Portland parking lot. The driver rammed the patrol car and fled onto I-5 southbound. The deputies ended the pursuit and when the driver reached Northwest Portland, they went the wrong way on I-405 and crashed head-on with another vehicle at Northwest Glisan Street. The suspect driver and passenger suffered serious injuries. The driver of the car that was hit suffered moderate injuries. A third car couldn't stop and also crashed. A child in that car was hospitalized as a precaution. The suspect is being investigated for driving under the influence of narcotics.

OHA Denies Legacy Request To Close Birth Center

(Portland, OR) -- The Oregon Health Authority has denied a request from Legacy Health to close the Family Birth Center at Mount Hood Medical Center. Legacy closed the birth center before getting approval and started sending patients to Randall Children's Hospital. OHA says Legacy didn't meet the requirements for the waiver. OHA is investigating Legacy's closure of the Birth Center. Legacy Health says they're reviewing the letter from the OHA. Due to lack of adequate physician staffing they will continue to divert patients. After talking with the OHA they'll announce their plans.

Rare Sandy River Smelt Run


(Portland, OR) -- There will be a limited time smelt fishery on the Sandy River for the first time since 2015. Smelt are six to nine inch long fish that spend most of their life in the ocean before returning to the Columbia River to spawn. Most adults die shortly after spawning, so it's not uncommon to see large numbers of dead smelt along the river. They're caught using a dipnet. The fishery will be open this Thursday from noon to 7 p.m. from the mouth of the Sandy River to the Stark Street Bridge with a limit of 10 pounds per person. Each dipper needs a valid 2023 Oregon angling license.

Gun Control Bill Considered In Legislature

(Salem, OR) -- Oregon lawmakers are considering a bill that would put most of Ballot Measure 114 into effect. The voter approved ballot measure would put restrictions on gun purchases, but it's been placed on hold in the courts. Senate Bill 348 would add a 150-dollar gun fee permit, require training, limit purchases to people older than 21 and implement many other aspects of Measure 114. Two hours of public testimony were taken Monday night with most comments in opposition to the bill.

Oregon Receives Nearly $50-Million For Housing

(Washington, D.C.) -- The federal government is sending nearly 50-million dollars to programs in Oregon that prevent homelessness. 54 nonprofits will receive money from the Continuum of Care Program. The grants support nonprofits and local government programs that work to quickly rehouse homeless individuals and families while minimizing the trauma of being houseless. They work to help families and individuals become self-sufficient.

Nurses & Hospitals Agree To Staffing Bill

(Salem, OR) -- Nurses, hospital workers and hospitals in Oregon have reached agreement on a bill in the legislature to manage staffing levels. Key components of the bill include the nation's first nurse-to-patient ratios in a state statute. They include emergency departments, intensive care, labor and delivery, and operating rooms. Committees will be established to determine staffing levels for other hospital care providers including respiratory therapists, psychologists, pharmacists and other workers. The bill remains under consideration in the legislature.

Magic Mushrooms Found During Traffic Stop

(Sheridan, OR) -- A traffic stop by Oregon State Police uncovered a stash of magic mushrooms. A trooper stopped a car on Highway 18 near Sheridan for driving 86 miles an hour in a 55 mile an hour zone. The driver appeared to be impaired and was arrested for DUI. A search of the vehicle found nearly 300 grams of psilocybin mushrooms, multiple guns and a scale. The driver was taken to a medical center for a blood sample before being cited and released.

Kotek Orders Flags Flown At Half-Staff

(Salem, OR) -- Oregon Governor Tina Kotek has followed President Biden in ordering flags to be flown at half-staff to honor victims of the school shooting in Nashville. Kotek said she sends her deepest condolences to the victims and families impacted by the shooting. She says all students and staff deserve to be safe and feel safe at school. Flags will remain at half-staff through sunset on Friday.

Lawmakers Consider Insurance Coverage For Gender-Affirming Care

(Salem, OR) -- A bill progressing through the Oregon Legislature would require insurance companies to cover certain gender-affirming medical procedures. The measure compels Medicaid and private insurers to include laser hair removal and facial feminization surgeries in their definitions of gender-affirming care. A national poll released this week showed that just one in six people who identify as trans have had an appearance-altering surgery.

Preschool For All Tax

(Portland, OR) -- Multnomah County is sending notices to nearly 300-thousand households that they might need to pay the Preschool for All Personal Income Tax. It was approved by voters in 2020, and connects three- and four-year-olds with preschool programs. A little over 700 slots were funded in the first year. Students will be added until 2030 when the program will cover all children. The tax applies to single filers making over 125-thousand dollars a year or joint filers making over 200-thousand dollars. The tax needs to be paid separately at Pro.Portland.Gov. Some tax software does include the tax.

Invasive Japanese Beetle Threatens Northwest Agriculture

(Washington County, OR) -- A growing population of invasive beetles is threatening agriculture across western Oregon. Ag officials say the Japanese beetle poses a multi-million-dollar threat to the industry if the pests are left unchecked. The insect has few natural predators in the Northwest region, so Washington and Oregon have begun using acelepryn [[ a-SELL-a-prin ]], a low-risk insecticide, to prevent larvae from reaching their voracious adult forms.

$170-Million In P-EBT Cards For Children

(Salem, OR) -- Parents of children who receive food benefits need to watch the mail. The Oregon Department of Human Services is mailing 170-million dollars in Pandemic EBT food benefits to 434-thousand children. Each card will contain 391-dollars in food benefits. These will be separate from the regular EBT card. The cards will be sent out starting this month through the end of May. The additional benefits are part of the P-EBT program which is a temporary COVID-19 response program to help families affected by COVID-19.

Three Killing In North Portland Shooting

(Portland, OR) -- Three people were killed in a shooting Saturday afternoon in North Portland. Police responded to North Foss Avenue and Foss Court where the victims were found in a car. All three people died at the scene. Police say the suspects were gone when officers arrived. No arrests have been made.

Zoo Prepares For Pika Count

(Portland, OR) -- The Oregon Zoo needs help counting pikas in the Columbia River Gorge. Pika are small potato-sized members of the rabbit family, known for their squeak-toy alarm calls. Pikas are normally found in higher elevations, and this is the lowest elevation where the species is found. Scientists watch this group, because their habitat and temperature may make them especially vulnerable to global warming. The zoo is offering courses in May on how to take part in the count.

One Killed In Crash Of Stolen Truck

(Washougal, WA) -- The driver of a stolen pickup was killed in a crash early Sunday morning near Washougal. The Clark County Sheriff's Office says the truck went off Washougal River Road and hit a tree. The driver was seriously injured and died at a hospital. The medical examiner will confirm the man's identity. The truck had been stolen from Portland.

Police Recommend Anti-Theft Device For Vehicle Owners

(Gresham, OR) -- Gresham Police are warning vehicle owners to use anti-theft devices after a woman's car was stolen three days after she bought it. Brianna Walker is a food delivery driver and had just bought the 2020 Kia Sportage for her job. The car was stolen around 6:15 Sunday morning from near Northeast 162nd and Holladay Street. It's a four-door Kia Sportage that was burnt copper in color and doesn't have plate. A window was broken out to gain access to the vehicle. Police say steering wheel locks will help prevent auto thefts.

Whale Watching Week Begins

(Newport, OR) -- Gray whales are starting their trek north from the Baja Peninsula to the Gulf of Alaska. Tuesday marks the start off Spring Whale Watching Week along the Oregon Coast. Oregon State Parks has 17 locations at viewpoints where volunteers will be available to help show you what to look for. Eighteen-thousand whales take part in the migration. The Whale Watching Center in Depoe Bay is open from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. with interactive whale exhibits and views to watch for the whales. The Oregon State Parks website has a list of viewpoints where volunteers are located.

70-Foot Blue Whale Skeleton To Be Preserved

(Newport, OR) -- A rare 70-foot long blue whale skeleton that washed onto an Oregon beach in 2015 will be moved to Canada where it'll be preserved. The last blue whale skeleton found on an Oregon beach was 200 years ago. The Oregon State University Marine Mammal Institute raised 250-thousand dollars for the project and they need an additional 150-thousand dollars to complete the restoration. Alberta, Canada based Dinosaur Valley Studios will preserve the 365 bones. The longest bones are 18-foot jaw bones. It'll take months to complete the work. The skeleton will eventually go on display at the Hatfield Marine Science Center in Newport.

Biden To Launch 3-Week Travel Blitz Touting Economic Agenda

(Washington, DC) -- President Biden's getting ready to hit the road to tout his economic achievements and plans in a tour that will bring him to Oregon and several other states. The White House announced today that Biden will start what the administration calls his Investing in America tour on Tuesday. He and other administration officials will cover more than 20 states over the next three weeks, highlighting Biden's economic agenda and investments through legislation passed last year. Biden will kick off the tour with a visit to a chips manufacturer in North Carolina. Other stops will include Arkansas, California, Colorado, Delaware, Georgia, Ohio, Oregon, Tennessee, Vermont, Wisconsin, and elsewhere.


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