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(Portland, OR)  --  A 71-year-old hiker who was reported missing on Saturday night is safe after being found alive Monday morning.  Joe Dean got lost on the Rock of the Ages trail and texted his wife he needed help.  Rescuers say the terrain was the most difficult they've ever searched because of damage from the Eagle Creek Fire.  Dean was brought out on a stretcher and taken to a hospital for evaluation.

(Portland, OR)  --  Oregon is dealing with nearly 400 new coronavirus cases.  The Oregon Health Authority reported 388 new cases of COVID-19 yesterday along with three new deaths.  A total of 326 people are hospitalized with the virus, which is up eight from Sunday.  Oregon has now seen two-thousand-533 deaths and 191-thousand-774 cases since the pandemic began.  One-point-46 million people in Oregon have been fully vaccinated.

(Portland, OR)  --  Organizers of the mass vaccination clinics at the Oregon Convention Center and the Portland International Airport plan to close on June 19th.  The organizers say demand for the vaccine is declining.  They are offering first doses through May 27th, and then during June they will only offer second doses.  Since the clinic opened, they have administered 465-thousand vaccinations.

(Eugene, OR)  --  The University of Oregon will require the COVID-19 vaccine for students and staff this fall.  The university announced the news yesterday, saying vaccinations are critical for public health.  Exemptions may be requested for medical and religious reasons.

(Portland, OR)  --  A new series of billboards is bringing attention to the violent impact of racism on Portland's Black residents.  Artist Elijah Hasan tells the Oregonian that the billboards unveiled yesterday are aimed at connecting "the issue of Black-on-Black gun violence to the self-hate that is (created) by racism."  The billboards include phrases like "Destroy white supremacy, not each other" and "Racism plus self-hate equals gun violence."  Four billboards are currently up around the city, and three more are scheduled to be installed later this month.

(Portland, OR)  --  The FDA has approved using the Pfizer vaccine on children between the ages of 12 and 15 to prevent COVID-19, but it'll be a few days before kids can get the shot here in Oregon.  The Western States Scientific Safety Review Workgroup needs to give its approval first.  That's been the same process for all of the vaccines that have been released so far.  After that approval is given, the Oregon Health Authority will allow the shots to be administered to the younger kids.

(Portland, OR)  --  Oregon is reporting two new coronavirus deaths and 610 new confirmed cases of COVID-19.  The Oregon Health Authority reported the new numbers yesterday.  A total of 318 people are hospitalized, which is down eleven from Saturday.  Oregon has now seen two-thousand-530 deaths and 191-thousand-405 cases of COVID-19 since the pandemic began.

(Portland, OR)  --  Portland Police say a hit and run driver killed a rider on a Lime scooter in Northeast Portland early Saturday morning.  The crash happened at Northeast Sandy and 149th Avenue.  Another driver remained at the scene until police arrived.  Police are asking for help identifying the driver.  It's the 26th traffic fatality in Portland so far this year.  That's double the number of fatal crashes from this time last year and the highest number of traffic fatalities in 30 years.

(Salem, OR)  --  People moving to Oregon who have a driver's license from another state soon won't have to take a written test to get an Oregon license.  Governor Kate Brown has signed a bill last week that eliminates the requirement.  The bill takes effect June 5th.

(Woodburn, OR)  --  Police are warning residents about a cougar that has been spotted in the Woodburn area.  The Marion County Sheriff's Office says the big cat was seen around Butteville and Ten Oaks Lane, and that it doesn't appear to fear people or dogs.  Police are urging residents not to approach it and call the sheriff's office's non-emergency number if you see it.

(Oregon City, OR)  --  An investigation is ongoing into an officer-involved shooting following a police pursuit in Oregon City.  Police say the pursuit started on I-205 Saturday night and stopped at the onramp from Highway 213.  The Clackamas County District Attorney's Office says the suspect, Gerald Barnes the second, fired at officers before they returned fire.  He's charged with attempted aggravated murder.  Barnes was treated at a hospital and booked into jail.  An Oregon City Police officer suffered serious, but not life-threatening injuries.

(Salem, OR)  --  Oregon had five new deaths from COVID-19 and 763 new cases reported yesterday.  There are 328 people hospitalized, which is two less than on Wednesday.  There have been two-thousand-514 deaths in Oregon since the pandemic began and 189-thousand-162 confirmed cases.

(Tigard, OR)  --  The Tigard Police Department will expand its body camera program to all officers.  For more than ten years, they've had dash cameras and some body cameras for K-9 handlers, traffic officers, community service officers and school resource officers.  Those systems are outdated, so City Council has approved new body worn cameras, along with in-car video systems, Tasers, interview room technology and digital storage.  The program will cost nearly one-and-a-half-million dollars over five years.

(Portland, OR)  --  An investigation is ongoing into a confrontation between drivers and demonstrators at Interstate Avenue and Killingsworth Street.  KATU-2 reports video of yesterday afternoon's incident circulating on social media shows people confronting each other with guns drawn.  Demonstrators were marching for justice for Patrick Kimmons, a Black man who was shot to death by police in 2018.  Kimmons's mother says the confrontation started after a driver started speeding toward the group of demonstrators and then yelled a racial slur at them.  One of the drivers tells police that people surrounded their vehicle, broke its windows and damaged its tires before spraying some sort of irritant at them.

(Salem, OR)  --  The Oregon Health Authority reports there have been 611 COVID-19 vaccine breakthrough cases as of May 3rd, and eight of those people have died.  Breakthrough cases are when a person tests positive for COVID-19 at least two weeks after being fully vaccinated.  OHA isn't saying where the deaths occurred in the state, but 14-percent of the cases were in long-term care facilities.  The 611 breakthrough cases are a small percentage of the one-point-three-million people who have been fully vaccinated.

(Salem, OR)  --  Governor Kate Brown has approved new guidance for indoor recreation and indoor entertainment facilities.  In Moderate Risk counties, they can have 20-percent occupancy or 100 people, whichever is larger.  In High Risk counties, they can have ten-percent occupancy or a maximum of 50 people.  The new rules took effect on Wednesday.

(Portland, OR)  --  The COVID-19 mass vaccination clinic at the Oregon Convention Center will start taking walk-ins without appointments today.  The clinic isn't normally open on Fridays, but they'll be open from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.  They'll be closed Saturday and Sunday.  They'll return to normal hours on Monday.  They prefer that people make appointments at the All 4 Oregon website.  They hope the ability to offer walk-in vaccinations will make it easier for people who can't make an appointment.

(Portland, OR)  --  Police are releasing the identity of a person who was shot and killed Wednesday morning in North Portland.  The Portland Police Bureau identified the victim yesterday as 20-year-old Breauna White.  Police were called to a shooting near North Willamette Boulevard and Charleston Avenue where they found White's body in an apartment.  The suspect had fled the scene, and there hasn't been an arrest.  White's killing is the 28th homicide this year in Portland.

(Portland, OR)  --  Oregon is reporting one new death from COVID-19 and 808 new cases.  The Oregon Health Authority says 330 people are hospitalized, which is 15 less than on Tuesday.  There have been two-thousand-509 deaths and 188-thousand-417 confirmed cases since the pandemic began.

(Portland, OR)  --  Regal is opening three more theaters this Friday.  They are Regal Cascade, in Vancouver, Regal Evergreen Parkway, in Hillsboro, and Regal Three Rivers Mall in Kelso.  A wide range of health and safety measures will be in place.  They'll be showing Guy Ritchie's Wrath of Man, Mortal Kombat and Godzilla vs. Kong, along with other movies.  Regal had already reopened Willamette Town Center and Bridgeport Village theaters.

(Salem, OR)  --  A 22-year-old Salem man is under arrest, accused of starting a four-alarm fire that caused over a million dollars in damage at a Salem storage facility.  It happened Monday evening at Airport Self Storage on Turner Road, Southeast.  The fire burned for several hours and destroyed multiple storage units.  Salem Police say Tristan Stillman was arrested Tuesday on 25 counts of Arson and Criminal Mischief.

(Portland, OR)  --  Students and faculty at Portland State University will need to get their COVID-19 vaccinations before returning to campus for the fall.  The university announced yesterday it will require proof of vaccination from students and staff before the fall semester begins.  The university is allowing exemptions for medical, religious or philosophical reasons.  Oregon State University, the University of Portland, Lewis & Clark College and Willamette University are also requiring proof of vaccination.

(Portland, OR)  --  Health officials say the fourth wave of the pandemic may have peaked in Oregon.  The Oregon Health Authority reports new cases declined three-percent over the last week.  Hospitalizations dropped 18-percent, while the number of deaths declined 38-percent.  Meanwhile, the percent of positive tests increased from six to six-point-eight-percent.

(Salem, OR)  --  Governor Kate Brown is reversing the decision she made a week ago to place 15 counties in the COVID-19 Extreme Risk category.  Brown announced yesterday the counties are being moved to High Risk.  The statewide seven-day average increase for hospitalized COVID-19 patients has dropped below 15-percent, which means the state no longer meets the metrics for the Extreme Risk level.  A total of 24 counties will be in the High Risk category, which limits restaurants, fitness centers, theaters and bowling alleys to 25-percent indoor capacity.

(Portland, OR)  --  Oregon is reporting six new deaths from COVID-19 and 748 new cases.  There are 345 people hospitalized with COVID-19 which is one less than Monday.  There have been two-thousand-508 deaths and 187-thousand-611 cases confirmed since the pandemic began.


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