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(Portland, OR) -- A senior living facility in Portland is facing a lawsuit over a resident's death during the extreme heat in June. The lawsuit filed against The Heights at Columbia Knoll this week says 81-year-old Charlotte Iverson died from hyperthermia along with another man in the facility. The lawsuit alleges The Heights was negligent for not checking on residents when temperatures reached 116 degrees outside. The lawsuit seeks 13-million dollars.

(Eugene, OR) -- A lawsuit against Oregon's vaccine mandate for state employees, health care workers, and teachers will be heard on Monday, the same day the mandate takes effect. The lawsuit was filed by seven Oregonians who will argue they should be exempt because they previously had COVID-19 and recovered from it. They claim there's evidence that people who recover from COVID-19 have a greater risk of having an adverse reaction. The CDC says it's safe if the person waits 90 days after recovering from the virus.

(Oregon City, OR) -- A woman who was caught stealing from evacuated homes near Mulino during the 2020 Riverside fire has been sentenced to more than seven years in prison. Court records show 35-year-old Sandy Lenox was caught by Clackamas County Sheriff's deputies with several stolen items. She was working with 34-year-old James Shotwell. He pleaded guilty last year to two charges and was sentenced to a year-and-a-half in prison. Lenox pleaded guilty to eleven counts and received a longer sentence.

(Portland, OR) -- Two-dozen more deaths are being linked to COVID-19 in Oregon. The Oregon Health Authority reported 24 new coronavirus deaths yesterday, raising the state's death toll from the pandemic to four-thousand-141. The agency also reported one-thousand-237 new cases of COVID-19 yesterday. There are 575 people hospitalized with coronavirus, which is 20 less than on Wednesday.

(Corvallis, OR) -- A new study out of Oregon State University shows sunscreen with the common ingredient zinc oxide loses much of its effectiveness and becomes toxic after two hours of exposure to the sun. Researchers at OSU say zinc oxide or titanium dioxide are effective at blocking UV rays, but they change and turn toxic after two hours of exposure and they lose 80-percent of their effectiveness. The study was published in Photochemical & Photobiological Sciences.

(Washington, D.C.) -- U.S. Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon is calling on the owner of the Mt. Bachelor ski resort to drop its "Fast Tracks" pass. It costs at least 49 dollars, on top of the regular ticket, and allows the skier to skip the waiting line at chair lifts. Wyden says it causes inequitable access to public lands. Mt. Bachelor has a U.S. Forest Service Special Use permit which allows them to be located at the mountain. Wyden says snow sports are expensive enough and difficult for financially disadvantaged families to afford.

(Portland, OR) -- Police say a group of 100 anarchists went on a rampage through downtown Portland Tuesday night causing over 500-thousand dollars in damage. They smashed windows, damaged ATMs, started fires, and spray painted graffiti. There was damage at 35 locations. Police responded and broke up the crowd. No arrests were made, but police are working to identify suspects and they'll make arrests later. The group had gathered to hold a memorial to honor an activist who was killed two years ago.

(Portland, OR) -- The National Women's Soccer League Championship game is being moved from Portland to Louisville following requests from players. The Portland Thorns say they were the only club to submit an initial bid, despite the 9 a.m. kickoff time, which they say was less than ideal for fans and players. They say they're pleased with the decision to move the game. Details on ticket refunds will be coming.

(Portland, OR) -- A man who was sending marijuana from Oregon to Georgia for distribution is pleading guilty in federal court. Federal prosecutors say 29-year-old Dante Baldocchi bought marijuana in Oregon and then shipped it via freight to Georgia where it was sold in the Atlanta area and in North Carolina. They shipped the money back to Oregon in vacuum-sealed bags, and sometimes it was hidden in buckets of drywall spackling compound. Federal agents found 330 pounds of marijuana at Baldocchi's house. He'll be sentenced in December and will face at least five years in prison and a five-and-a-half million dollar fine.

(Portland, OR) -- Nearly three-dozen more Oregonians are dead after contracting COVID-19. The Oregon Health Authority reported 33 new coronavirus deaths yesterday, raising the state's death toll from the pandemic to four-thousand-117. The agency also reported one-thousand-278 new cases of COVID-19 along with ten new hospitalizations for the virus for a total of 595 hospitalized coronavirus patients.

(Portland, OR) -- New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof is taking a big step to making an official run for Oregon governor next year. Kristoff filed paperwork to form a political action committee ahead of a potential campaign. Kristoff is a two-time Pulitzer Prize winner best known for writing on global affairs and human rights. He is an Oregon native and currently lives in Yamhill.

(Salem, OR) -- Oregon Republicans have filed a lawsuit against the new congressional districts that were approved by the special session of the legislature last month. Former Oregon Secretary of State Bev Clarno is one of three Republicans behind the lawsuit. They accuse Democrats of gerrymandering. The lawsuit says the boundaries of the districts make it likely that Democrats will win five of the six seats in the House. Oregon got a sixth congressional district, because the U.S. Census showed enough population growth in the state.

(Portland, OR) -- Oregon has set a new daily record for COVID-19 deaths with 82 new deaths reported yesterday. The Oregon Health Authority says the deaths occurred over several days. Oregon's death toll from the pandemic now stands at four-thousand-84. The health department also reported one-thousand-413 new cases of COVID-19 yesterday. Hospitalizations continue to decline with 59 fewer COVID-19 patients for a total of 585.

(Salem, OR) -- Oregonians will get nearly one-point-nine-billion dollars in a kicker refund when they file their taxes next year. The size of the tax credit is determined by income. Taxpayers who earn between 52-thousand and 95-thousand dollars will get a credit on state taxes of nearly 800 dollars. The kicker is returned to taxpayers when state revenue exceeds two-percent of the budget.

(Woodland, WA) -- An investigation is ongoing into the minor derailment of an Amtrak train traveling from Portland to Seattle. The Longview Daily News reports the train was going about 15 miles an hour Monday afternoon when a wheel came off the track. There were 95 people on board. No one was hurt. The passengers were moved to a southbound Amtrak train and returned to Vancouver where they boarded buses for their trip to Seattle.

(Salem, OR) -- A new report shows Greenhouse and Nursery products were the most valuable of Oregon's Agricultural and Fishing industries last year, bringing in one-point-one-billion dollars. The Oregon Department of Agriculture reports Cattle was second at 587-million dollars, and Hay was third at 569-million dollars. Nursery products surged for the second year in a row, because more people were staying home gardening and landscaping. Cherries increased 78-percent and Hazelnuts had sales go up 24-percent. Oregon grows nearly all of the Hazelnuts in the U.S.

(Salem, OR) -- Authorities are searching for two women who walked away from their inmate work crew in Salem. The Oregon Department of Corrections says Brandy Woodward and Shelly Radan should be considered armed and dangerous. The department says the women walked away from the corrections department's Northwest Commissary building yesterday morning and were last seen leaving a Dick's Sporting Goods store on Lancaster Drive. Woodward was serving time for meth possession and delivery, while Radan was in custody for second-degree burglary.

(Portland, OR) -- Oregon is marking a grim new milestone in the COVID-19 pandemic. The Oregon Health Authority says the state has now exceeded four-thousand coronavirus deaths. Health officials say one-thousand of those victims died within the last two months. Before that, it took eight months to reach that same number. Oregon Health Authority Director Patrick Allen says most of those deaths were preventable, if the victims had been vaccinated. He says the Delta variant has changed everything and he's urging people to get vaccinated as soon as possible. Health officials also reported two-thousand-895 new cases of COVID-19 yesterday from Friday through Sunday.

(Portland, OR) -- Voodoo Doughnuts is being ordered to rehire half a dozen workers who were fired after going on strike during the summer's historic heat wave in the Pacific Northwest. The National Labor Relations Board issued a ruling last week finding the seven employees were wrongfully terminated. The workers went on strike in June, saying the store's interior was over 90 degrees Fahrenheit. The iconic doughnut shop responded by firing the employees for refusing to work in the extreme heat. The shop is being ordered to rehire all seven workers and provide them with three months of backpay.

(Portland, OR) -- Union members who work at Kaiser Permanente in Oregon are ready to go on strike. The union says 96-percent of participating members voted to approve the strike with 90-percent of the members voting. If the strike is approved by union leaders, workers would have to give ten days of notice before the strike could begin. The union says the major issues are staffing and a two tiered pay system, where new workers make less than workers with more time on the job. Kaiser says it pays workers above market rate. The union disagrees.

(Portland, OR) -- Portland Police and Oregon State Police worked together Sunday night to enforce the city's new street racing ordinance. Police made 47 traffic stops, issued 21 citations, gave several warnings about the new ordinance and made two arrests. One suspect in a car from Olympia, Washington tried to elude police but was stopped. Police arrested 24-year-old William Torresan for Felony Elude, Reckless Driving, and Driving Without a License. He crashed into one police car. No one was hurt.

(Hillsboro, OR) -- The family of a teenager who drowned at a public pool in Hillsboro two years ago is filing a wrongful death lawsuit. The family of 14-year-old Nabila Maazouz filed the lawsuit last week against the city of Hillsboro and the Hillsboro School District seeking 70-million dollars. The lawsuit also names the companies that created and sold the pool cover that led to the teen's death. Authorities say Maazouz was still in the pool following swim team practice in November of 2019 when her teammates pulled the cover over the pool, trapping her inside.

(Hillsboro, OR) -- The Hillsboro School District is changing its bus routes due to low ridership and a shortage of drivers. The district says starting today, some routes will be adjusted, while others are eliminated altogether. Students affected by the changes should have received a notice via mail. The district says roughly three-thousand out of a total of ten-thousand regular bus riders will be affected by the changes.

(Portland, OR) -- The Oregon Zoo is caring for 23 tiny northwestern pond turtles. They're an endangered species. The hatchlings are taken from the Columbia River Gorge and placed in a special habitat that allows them to grow as much as they would in three years in about nine months, so that when they're returned to the wild they have a better chance at survival.

(Mt. Angel, OR) -- An investigation is underway into the cause of a massive fire in downtown Mt. Angel early Saturday morning. Fire officials say four businesses were damaged by the fire. A total of 35 fire trucks and 120 firefighters responded to put out the blaze. There were no injuries reported.


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