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Marion Co. Officials Angry with Release of Murderer

SALEM, OR -- The Marion County Sheriff and District Attorney issued a safety notice over the weekend after a convicted murder was released into the Salem community.


Kyle Hedquist was convinced of killing a teen in Douglas County, in 1995. He was sentenced to life without the possibility of parole. Marion County officials say Governor Kate Brown and her office disregarded numerous concerns when she commuted his sentence this month, including a plea from the Douglas County District Attorney. In a letter to the Governor, Douglas County DA Richard Wesenberg said, "nothing within Hedquists' current applicationdemonstrates that clemency is now appropriate." Wesenberg added, "Instead, Hedquist's background, the heinousness of the murder, and the material presented within his petition all continue to show that Hedquist is not an appropriate candidate for executive clemency."


Marion County officials are also fruststrated with the state's decision to allow him to live in their county instead of returning to Douglas County, where he was concicted. They say he’s now living with a former prison chaplain in South Salem and has GPS monitoring.


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