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Oregon Senator Responds to SCOTUS Leak

PORTLAND, OR -- Reaction and fallout continue, in response to the leaked Supreme Court draft pointing toward overturning Roe v. Wade. "I believe this Alito draft opinion is so sweeping it really is an assault on the privacy rights of all Americans," Oregon Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR) said Wednesday, "The Alito draft opinion is so sweeping that anything from birth control to marrying who you love, to living free from government intrusion into your life is now on the table, in my view."

But Lois Anderson, with Oregon Right to Life, says overturning Roe would simply put the issue back in state hands, "To return the responsibility for making laws about abortion to citizens and their elected representatives, rather than the courts. And that’s where we believe it should be."

Wyden sees it as a slippery slope, "Anti privacy crusaders are discussing a federal ban on abortion and if they win in November, they’re going to pass it." He also believes it would open the door for the government to use private online data - like web searches - to look for women seeking abortion services.

The Oregon Democrat says some of his colleagues feel lied to by recent Supreme Court nominees-turned-Justices, "Let’s look at some of the Republican Senators who voted for judges who they believed treated Roe as settled law, and they’re not particularly happy right now."


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