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EV Survey Shows Car Shoppers Still Hesitant

BEND, OR -- Despite improved technology and a reduction in purchase prices, Americans aren’t rushing out to buy electric vehicles. "Gas and diesel prices soared to record highs this spring, and that has made electric vehicles more attractive to about a quarter of all consumers, especially younger generations," AAA's Marie Dodds tells KBND News, "But other factors, including the higher purchase cost of an EV, concerns about access to charging, and range anxiety, are still holding consumers back from going electric."

In the survey, about 25% of respondents say they're next vehicle is likely to be electric, "The number one reason is to save money on fuel – 77% say that’s why they’d want an EV," says Dodds. But, 24% weren't sure about buying an EV, while 51% thought it was unlikely or very unlikely they'd buy one. 

The numbers haven’t changed much since a 2019 survey. Dodds says consumers are worried about the higher price tag for EVs, access to charging and, there’s what she calls range anxiety, "60% of Americans think electric vehicles can travel between 100 to 350 miles before running out of charge, which is true. These findings suggest the increase in range over the last several years isn’t enough to completely address consumer concerns."

No surprise, younger drivers are more likely to buy EV: 30% of Millennials compared to 16% of Baby Boomers.

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