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Advocates Urge Oregonians To Register To Vote

PORTLAND, OR -- Advocates are working to get Oregonians registered to vote, ahead of the November midterms. Voters’ rights groups and Oregon's Secretary of State used National Voter Registration Day to talk to Oregonians about the importance of casting a ballot. 

Next Up Executive Director Elona Wilson says it’s easy for young people to get disenfranchised, but every vote matters. "Elected officials have the power to create and pass budgets and policies that directly affect our lives, from school boards to city councils, Congressional seats," she told reporters at a Tuesday press conference, "You have the opportunity to ensure that your voice is heard and who represents you."

CEO of Disability Rights Oregon Jake Cornett says, "There are 950,000 Oregonians with disabilities. Taken together, we are the largest voting bloc in the state of Oregon." He says accommodations are available at local elections offices so voters of all abilities can cast a ballot. 

His group puts out a free Easy Voting Guide, "This is a guide that’s nonpartisan in plain language, meant to be accessible to anybody with a disability and anybody in the general public who wants to understand where the candidates stand on the issues you care the most about and also, what do those complicated language in ballot initiatives mean in plain language; language that’s accessible to anybody who can read at the fourth grade level or above." Wednesday (Sept. 21) is the deadline to request that guide at Disability Rights Oregon's website.

Oregon voters must be registered by October 18th to vote in the November 8th election.


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