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Potentially Invasive Frog Found At Plant Store

BEAVERTON, OR -- A potentially invasive frog was found on a plant sold in an Oregon store on Monday. According to the Department of Fish and Wildlife, Cuban tree frogs are not native to Oregon and could threaten native frogs and other amphibians if released into the wild. In places where the Cuban treefrog has become established - like Florida - the species quickly reproduces and out-competes native frogs for food or space.

The Cuban tree frog discovered Monday was found on a tropical plant sold in Beaverton. In 2021, several were discovered in Oregon nursery plants and quickly reported to ODFW.

The agency asks people to not release any found animals into the wild and check with ODFW for specific identification of the species. If you find insects or snails, please report them to the Oregon Invasive Species hotline by calling 1-866-INVADER or click HERE.  


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